St Augustines Doctors Surgery, Block C, The Chocolate Factory

New Doctors Surgery

Development: Completed 2017/18 Location: Block C, The Chocolate Factory Client: St Monica Trust

The opportunity to have access to a Doctors surgery within proximity of the Chocolate Quarter meshed well with St Monica Trusts ideology of providing and delivering holistic care to their residents with easy access to Primary health services for the elderly community of the Chocolate Quarter.

SMT worked with their local Doctors Surgery, St Augustine’s and the NHS to explore this possibility, and the principal to relocate to the Chocolate Quarter was agreed. St Augustine’s existing was an old residential property that had been converted with only two accessible consulting rooms on the Ground floor making delivery of services to their patients difficult.

KWL Architects were appointed to work with the Partners at St Augustine’s and the NHS to design a building that met both the brief and the financial constraints of the NHS funding. Once the building design and contract had been agreed KWL Architects were appointed to provide the post contract/ construction of the new surgery in Block C of the former Cadburys Chocolate Factory building.

The design is contemporary benefitting from large areas of natural light offered by the existing windows of the Chocolate Factory. The layout accommodates 15 consulting rooms, minor operations rooms, large administrative and staff areas all with the benefit of level access.